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Constitution By Laws PDF Print E-mail

Constitution by laws to be ratified during the 31st Mar 2013 AGM

Those highlighted in yellow are new clauses

Article -I


       The Name of the society shall be ‘POONA OPHTHALMOLOGICAL SOCIETY’. The term ‘Society’ used hereinafter in the constitution shall imply the ‘Poona Ophthalmological Society’.

Article -II


A.      The Society shall be governed by the constitution and its bye-laws.

B.      Working Area: The society shall spread its activities all over the city at Pune and also in other cities of India and in the world,  and the managing committee may change this norm                        from time to time.

 Article -III


         The registered office of the Society will be located in Pune city and at present it is at the following address: Room 301, third floor, Nitu Mandke House (IMA house), Tilak Road, Pune. The day to day working may be carried out of the place convenient for the Secretary

 Article -IV


         The objects of the Society shall be the cultivation and promotion of the study and practice of the study and practice of ophthalmic sciences, research and manpower development with a view to render service to the community and promote social contact and mutual regard amongst ophthalmologists.

(A)   To  cultivate and promote knowledge of the subject of ophthalmology by such means as:

1.       Clinical Meetings for the demonstration and discussion of cases.

2.       Lectures on any subject related either directly or indirectly to ophthalmology.

3.       Helping or undertaking research and investigative work in ophthalmology.

4.       Organizing Conferences, Symposia, Seminars, Workshops, Refresher Courses etc.

5.       Representation to teaching institutions and universities.

(B)   To undertake Blindness Relief Work and Ophthalmic Hygiene.

(C)   To foster goodwill, friendship and interchange of ideas amongst members and to ensure ethical practice and professional conduct of its members.

(D)   Maintain liaison with the Govt. authorities and make representations regarding difficulties in ophthalmological work and suggest necessary remedies.

(E)    Co-operating with other Societies / Associations / Academies having similar aims and objectives.

(F)    Acquiring and disposing,  movable and immovable property and assets by purchasing, constructing, altering, maintaining, selling or mortgaging properties that may be necessary for the aforesaid objectives.

(G)  To undertake publication of society’s Journal “POSTER”.

(H)   Framing bye-laws, rules and regulations and to amend, add alter or delete the same as and when necessary.

(I)     Raising finances through subscriptions, contributions, donations from members and non-members.

(J)     Promoting all such activities as may be incidental to or conductive to the attainment of the aims and objectives of the Society and safeguarding the interests of the profession and its members.

  Article -V


The membership of the Society shall consist of :

1.       Regular Life Members :

Medical Practitioners holding allopathic qualifications recognized under Schedule 1 or 3 of the Indian Medical Council Act 1956 [and Indian Medical Degrees Act 1960 (Act 7 of 1926)] and also holding additional qualification duly recognized by the Medical Council of India and the Maharashtra Medical Council in the Sciences and Art of Ophthalmology.

Irrespective of this clause, those members who have continued to be Regular Life members upto date (1990), will continue to be members of the Society in the future.

2.       Associate Life Members :

A.      Any member of the medical profession with requisite qualifications not eligible as per the Rules but who is interested in Ophthalmology can become an Associate Member.

B.      Eligible Ophthalmologists domiciled outside Pune District can apply for the Associate Life membership of POS.     [P1] 

3.       Student Members :

Students studying ophthalmology who wish to join the society can do so. This membership can be subsequently concerned to life membership on application to the society.

Article -VI


        The Life[P2]  Subscription for Regular Members and for Associate members will be stipulated in the bye-laws from time to time. Currently the Life Membership Subscription will be Rs. 1,000/- (Rs. One Thousand only) and Student membership is Rs.      

 Article -VII


1.       All regular Life Members shall be eligible to participate in all the activities of the Society including the right to vote and hold office in the Society.

2.       The application for the membership duly proposed and seconded by the Life members of the Society shall be recommended by the Managing Committee and ratified by the General Body for admission to the Society.

3.       Any new member whose application is under consideration, is entitled to attend and participate in the deliberations of the Conference of the Society but will not have the right to vote till his membership is ratified by the body in the AGM.

4.       Associate[P3]  Life and Student members shall be entitled to attend the scientific and social activities of the body. They shall not be entitled to vote at a General Body Meeting or hold any office.

 Article -VIII


1.       Membership of the Society will cease :

a)      By voluntary resignation.

b)      If any member is in default of subscription for two years consecutively and has been duly notified.

c)       Due to Professional Misconduct.

d)      If a member is convicted under the Indian Penal Code for any criminal activity.

e)      On death of a member

2.       Before any disciplinary action is taken, the member will be served with a notice and give an opportunity to explain. The Managing Committee by a 2/3 majority shall decide to delete the name of a member from the membership and this decision shall become final on confirmation by the General Body at the next meeting.

3.       Membership shall cease if any member’s registration is cancelled by Medical Council of India.

4.       Membership can be continued on payment of all dues or readmission as a new member as per the bye-laws.

 Article –IX


           The affairs of the Society shall be managed by the Executive Committee (Managing Committee) elected by the General Body.

1)      COMPOSITION : It shall consist of :

Executive Committee Members with voting rights

a)      President

b)      Vice – President

c)       Hon. Secretary

d)      Hon. Jt. Secretary

e)      Hon. Treasurer

f)       Hon.  Jt. Treasurer

g)      Editor – POSTER

h)      Managing Committee Members : Eight elected members.

Executive Committee Members (Without voting rights)

a)      Immediate Past President, Immediate past Secretary.

b)      Advisory Board ; The President may constitute an Advisory Board, at his discretion, of not more than 4 members. Their term will be of one year.

c)       In case of resignation of any member, another member can take over  till completion of term, any

d)      The managing committee may co-opt upto 2 members at its discretion. Their term will be of one year.

e)      Scientific Committee : The Scientific Committee will be constituted by the President and will consist of  upto 3 Life Members. Their term will be one year. Special duties of these members to be laid down?


a)      Vice – President :

i)        Should be an active life member of the Society.

ii)     Should have completed a full tenure of 2 (two) years as Treasurer or Secretary of the POS           or  Editor : POSTER[P4] 

iii)     Should be above 40 years of age.

iv)     The Vice-President becomes President at the end of the one year.

v)      The tenure is of one year.

         b)   Joint Secretary :

                   i)     Should be an active Life Member of the Society.

                  ii)     Should have completed a full tenure of 2 (two) years as a Managing Committee Member.

                  iii)     The Jt. Secretary becomes Secretary at the end of the one year.

                  iv)      The tenure is of one year.

c)        Joint Treasurer :

I)                    Should be an active Life Member of the Society.

II)                  Should have completed a full tenure of 2(two) years as a Managing Committee Member.

III)                The Joint Treasurer becomes Treasurer at the end of the one year.

IV)               The tenure is of one year.

d)      Editor – POSTER :

I)                    Should be an active life member of the society.

II)                  The tenure is of two years.

III)                Should have completed a full tenure of 2(two) years as a Managing Committee Member[P5] .

e)      Managing Committee Member :

I)                    Should be a life member of the Society for at least 3 years.

II)                  The tenure is of two years.

 3)      FUNCTIONS :

a)      President / Vice-President : The President shall act on the behalf of the Society and lead the society during his tenure

1)      The President shall conduct and be the Chairman of AGM, special meetings and requisition meetings.

2)      Shall be the Chairman of the Annual Conference, if any.

3)      Shall regulate the proceeding of the meetings and interpret Rules and Regulations and decide about points in all these meetings.

4)      He shall be Chairman of clinical meetings along with H.O.D. of the institute / hospital where it is held.

 In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall officiate for him.

b)      Hon. Secretary / Hon. Jt. Secretary :

1)      Shall manage all correspondence and keep minutes of the Society and committee meetings, which will be read and confirmed at the following meetings. Mode of correspondence to be specified?

2)      He shall be in-charge of the Society office and keep a record of all communications.

3)      Shall organize, arrange and convene meetings, lectures, courses etc.

4)      All properties and documents shall be under custody of Hon. Secretary.

5)      Maintain a list of current members and their addresses.

c)       Hon. Treasurer / Hon. Jt. Treasurer :

1)      Shall receive and make payments in accordance with rules of the Society and should maintain an accurate account of all transactions.

2)      He will present an audited account of the previous financial year and an unaudited account of the current financial year during the AGM for adoption.

d)      Managing Committee Members :

1)      Assists during meetings, lectures, seminars etc. as advised by President and Secretary.

2)      Shall help in membership drives. Any other functions?

e)      Editor – POSTER :

1)      Shall attempt to publish at least 3 issues of POSTER every year.

2)      He shall have the independence to edit, abridge or summarize articles in the interest of good publication.

 Article – X


a)      All members of the Managing Committee shall meet as often as required, with a minimum of 4 meetings. Ten members or ½ of the total members of Managing Committee whichever is less shall form a Quorum. In absence of Quorum, meeting shall adjourn for 10 minutes and reconvene.

b)      The Hon. Secretary shall circulate the agenda at least a week before the date of the meeting.

c)       The President shall preside over the meeting. In his absence the Vice-President shall officiate. In absence of both, the Managing Committee may elect its own presiding officer.

d)      The President / Chairman will have a casting vote.

e)      The voting will be as convenient.

f)       The members will have to put in at least 70% attendance during meetings held in their tenure. Failure to do so, shall result in the member being debarred from holding any post for the next 2 years.

g)      Urgent meetings: An urgent meeting may be called by the Secretary at the President’s request giving a 24 hour notice to various committee members. The quorum rules shall be the same for such meetings.

 Article – XI


The Society shall elect the following members during the Annual General Body Meeting :

1.       Vice-President

2.       Jt. Secretary

3.       Jt. Treasurer

4.       Managing Committee Members

5.       Editor “POSTER”

                   The elections will be by secret ballot. The Hon. Secretary will call for nominations at least 3 weeks before the A.G.M. A member is eligible for re-election for the same post only once. The President will not contest for any post, but may be nominated or co-opted in any committee.

                    During elections, the Managing Committee shall form an Election Commission of 3 non-contesting Life-Members who shall oversee the process. Their decision will be final and binding.

 Article – XII


1.       The financial year of the Society will begin from 1st April every year.

2.       The Managing Committee shall hold finances in Saving Account of Fixed Deposits as deemed fit. The accounts will be maintained by the Treasurer.

 Article – XIII


1.       Programs may be held by various Institutes under the aegis of the Society.

2.       For such a program, a routine application must be sent to the Secretary at least 6 weeks in advance, detailing the venue, topic etc.

3.       An amount equaling 10% of the total collection (delegate fees / Stall charges / sponsorship) or Rs. 10,000/- which ever is less, shall be payable to the society as Royalty for holding such programs.

4.       Protocol of the Society should be followed at such programs.

(i)                  The banner of the Society shall be prominently displayed.

(ii)                The President of the Society shall be honoured.

 Article – XIV


1.       Life Members of the Society constitute the General Body of the Society.

2.       It shall govern the affairs of the society through its elected office bearers and committees.

3.       It shall hold the General Body Meeting usually once a year, with minimum 3 weeks prior notice.

4.       Minimum of 10% of members shall form the quorum.

5.       Adjourned Meeting – In case of absence of quorum, after 15 minutes. The adjourned meeting will be held and there will be no limitation of quorum.

6.       Special General Body Meeting – Can be called by President or 2/3 of Managing Committee or 10% of members with 7 days notice.

 Article – XV


                 The Society, under its constitution, shall frame Bye-laws for smooth functioning of the affairs of the Society.

 Article – XVI


1.       The Managing Committee may recommend any amendment, addition, alteration, deletion to the constitution provided they give at least 30 days clear notice with the details of the proposed amendment to the members of the society before the General Body Meeting with explanatory note for each amendment.

2.       Any member may propose an amendment, addition, alternation or deletion to the constitution giving a minimum of 60 days clear notice before the General Body Meeting. The proposed amendment shall be submitted in writing and shall be duly seconded and signed by twenty other members of the Society with explanatory note.

3.       Quorum for amendment of constitution shall be the same as that for General Body Meeting.

4.       Any amendment, addition, alteration or deletion in the constitution shall be made if approved by 2/3rd majority of the members present at the General Body Meeting.

 Article – XVII


1.       The Managing Committee may recommend any amendment, addition, alteration or deletion to the Bye-laws with explanatory note provided they give at least 30 days clear notice with the details of the proposed amendments to the members of the society before the General Body Meeting.

2.       Any member may propose an amendment, addition, alteration or deletion to the Bye-laws with explanatory note, giving a minimum of 60 days clear notice before the General Body Meeting. The proposed amendment shall be submitted in writing and shall be duly seconded and signed by twenty other members of the Society.

3.       Quorum for amendment of Bye-laws shall be the same as that for General Body Meeting.

4.       Any amendment, addition, alteration or deletion in the Bye-laws shall be made if approved by simple majority of the members present at the General Body Meeting.

 Article – XVIII


1.       Members of the Society shall be eligible for the awards (unless specified otherwise in the bye-laws or by the donors.)

2.       The awards will be given annually or as provided in the Bye-laws.

3.       No award shall be given to the same person twice.

4.       The donor should deposit a minimum of Rs. 50,000 with the Society towards the award. This amount is subject to periodic upward revision to be decided the Annual General Meeting.

5.       The Award amount shall not exceed 5% of the corpus deposited. 20% of the corpus amount to be paid, to the society towards one-time administration charges.

6.       The protocol for the award shall be specified by the donor in consultation with the Managing Committee.

7.       The society shall have the sole right in deciding the Winners of the award, for which the President shall appoint a Committee.

8.       Awards will carry a citation and a memento (or as per the Bye-laws).

a)      The Sahebram Satyavati Madan Award : To a Life Member for best work in Community Ophthlmology.

b)      Awards for Clinical Meetings :

(i)                 Best Case Presentation

(Sponsored by – Dr. Shrikant Kelkar )

(ii)               Most Interesting Case

(Sponsored by – Dr. Ashok Moolani[P6] ).

(iii)             Maximum number of cases

(Sponsored by – Dr. M. B. Jhamwar).

c)       Prof. M. D. Bhatwadekar Award : To the student who stands first amongst all candidates from Pune in the DNB Examination during the year.

d)      Late Dr. Sandeep Wagh Award :

(Sponsored by – Dr. S. B. Kelkar for TEN years i.e. upto the Year 2013-13) To[P7]  any nationally acclaimed Ophthalmologist who has achieved exemplary distinction in Anterior segment surgery[P8] .

e)      Dr. Shubhada Kulkarni award for Quiz ( C/o M. Prabhudesai)

f)       Dr. S. B. Kelkar

g)      Dr. M. B. Jhamwar award for a young ophthalmologist (


The Society shall organize an annual conference. It may be held in conjunction with any other state/national/international conference. The delegate and sponsorship charges and venue shall be decided by the managing committee.

 Article – XIX


        The Society should appoint a Chartered Accountant every year to audit the accounts of the Society. The accounts should be audited on expiry of the financial year.

Article – XX


   If upon dissolution of the Society, there shall remain after satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property, whatsoever, the same shall not be paid to or distributed among members of the Society or any of them, but shall be given or transferred to association or associations, institution or institutions having objects similar to any of the objects of the Society to be determined by the votes of not less than 3/5th of the members present personally or by proxy in a meeting at or before the time of the dissolution or in default thereof by any High Court of Juricature in its ordinary original jurisdiction of the state in which the registered office of the Society may be situated at that time.


 [P1]Annual members clause omitted

 [P2]Annual clause deleted

 [P3]Annual clause omitted

 [P4]New clause, but a GBM resolution of 2010 made editor Poster as a managing committee post, but one not equal to Secretary or Treasurer (?!)

 [P5]Is this needed?


 [P7]Is this the last year? Would more donation be needed?

 [P8]This year it was for a posterior segment surgeon!


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