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Upcoming Events

Sun Jul 15 @ 6:00AM - 09:30PM
Sinhagad trek 15 July 2018
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Target Emmetropia CME - 21st Jan 2018 Download as iCal file
"A Day With Professor Pallikaris - Target Emmetropia" - Pure Refractive Surgery - Nothing Else !
Under aegis of MOS and POS
Venue - J W Marriott Hotel and Convention Centre, S B Road, Pune 
Date - 21st January, Sunday 
Time - 8.30am to 5.30 pm. 
Registration is complementary but compulsary (if the credit points get granted then fees may be Rs 300 to cover for MMC logistics).
Please send your registrations (WhatsApp 9860872666) as Name, City and Phone number for better co-ordination. 
Wetlab - 8 am to 9 am (MK flaps, topography, CXL, Phakic IOL) 5 candidates each. Topography 10 candidates.
Registration fees for wet lab is Rs 200. You can choose only one spot as of now. Limited seats Available. If you have sent an individual message to Dr. Vardhaman Kankaria, you can send whatsapp to him (for better co-ordination with details such as Name, City and Which course) or else WhatsApp 9860872666.
Expertise from SN, LVPEI, NN, AIIMS faculty and alumni along with Professor Pallikaris.
- Deferred live surgery 
- Interactive Sessions with lots of questions and answers ! 
- Great learnings for beginners to already practicing refractive surgeons 
- A day with Prof Pallikaris - father of Modern Refractive Surgery - A lifetime event
International, National and State Faculty to threadbare every aspect of refractive surgery!
Get answers to all questions you have! 
- Which patients I should avoid? 
- These topo pictures gets me worried ! 
- Which all procedures are available today for my patients? 
- Are microkeratomes still relevant ?
- Are femto flap really better than microkeratome flaps ? 
- When do I really use wavefront guided and topoguided treatments? 
- How do I manage incomplete flaps, flap strie and epithelial ingrowths? 
- post lasik ectasia - making sense of scores and looking beyond topography! 
- Dry Eye Management Pearls 
-  What is this new flapless lasik (smile)? 
- can smile be done in eyes with astigmatism, low myopia and hyperopia? 
- How to manage common Complications of smile? 
- Is Surface ablation relevant today? 
- how do I to manage Pain, haze and regression in ASA? 
- when to choose ICL? 
- uncommon situations for ICL - In low myopia, keratoconus as piggy bag IOL  
- How to master sizing issues and other pitfalls of ICL? 
- What are real life results of monovision and blended vision for presbyopia? 
- what is current status of Corneal Inlays - is it really the future? 
- when do I choose lens based solutions for presbyopia? 
- My patient has residual error - How to enhance?
- My patient has squint and refractive error both! What to treat first? 
- what should i know about current evidence of retinal co-morbidies and Refractive surgery?
- how to get a perfect biometry after refractive surgery? 
- Are corneal biomechanics really important? 
- how to manage finances of refractive surgery practice? 
- I am scared of lawsuits! Please tell me pearls to avoid It! 
- what is future of refractive surgery? 
- Meeting will end with a Group photo of all faculty and delegates with Professor Pallikaris.
1) Asian Eye Hospital International Oration - Professor Pallikaris  - "Story of birth of LASIK and EpiLASIK - world's most common elective procedures"  
2) Asian Eye Hospital Prof. Pallikaris Oration - Dr Prema Padmanabhan "Refractive Surgery in Keratoconus - Are You Serious?"

Hon. Secretary 

Dr. Arundhati  Kale Sidhaye 

Vision Eye Center,  Shop 1, Nilayam soc,

Opp Kinara hotel,  Paud Road, Pune  411038. 

M : 9822541874, Clinic: 25384890,  

Email:    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Email:    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it