Dr. Sanjay Tekawade – Presidential speech

Dignatories on the Dias, Seniors, Esteemed Members and my dear Friends With Great Pride I can say that inspite of Adversories and Uncertainities Me and my team Deliverçed what was thought difficult in Covid times ,the Pandemic Came in Waves and with Various Restrictions being imposed time and again We could manage to keep Members Motivation high by Conducting Very Interesting Events both Virtual and Physical all throughout the Year.
Academically we started with International Symposium on Medical Research with Professor Harminder Singh Dua wherein members were given detailed knowledge on how to start research in their own practice and initiated the unique mentor mentee program for Members, Following this We had Webinars on Oculoplasty,Squint Paediatric ophthalmology,Stumbling Block series on Challenging Surgical Cases ,Practise Management in Covid Times and Full day Seminar On Corneal Diseases which was awarded 2 Credit Points By MMC.
For Post Graduate Students We had Clinical Meetings throughout the Year where they got Opportunity to present and learn and Very High Standards were maintained throughout.
The Major Event of the year
Spectrum 2021 POS Annual Conference, was a One of its Kind Academic Event for Various Reasons
First Physical and Hybrid Ophthalmic Conference during Pandemic in state of Maharashtra
First time in Pandemic Live Surgeries Performed By Prominent Surgeons from All Over India at One Centre in Pune.
First Time in Pandemic Hands-on Wet Lab For Delegates and PG Students
350 plus Physical and 500 plus Online Attendees
Release of Members Directory at the hands of Padma Shree Professor T.P. Lahane
Physical Participation By Trade in Large Numbers,
Conference was unique as it was Addressed by Hon Health Minister of Maharashtra Shree Rajeshji Tope wherein he Assured the Delegates of Giving Day Care Status to Ophthalmic setups resulting in major respite from Present demanding Bombay Nursing home act For hospital registrations
Conference was awarded four Credit points by MMC for Benefit of MMC Renewals of Members .
Various Cultural Programs were Conducted throughout the year for the members , for their Physical fittness ,Yoga,Trek and Cricket Match at PYC was Arranged. Social Awareness Programs were Conducted with enthusiastic participation of members.
Eye care in Covid times, Public awareness Educational video.
Eye donation Awareness walk and distribution of face masks to general public.
Letter to the Chemist association of Pune district requesting its members to stop giving Steroid Eye drops OTC.
Physical activity for fitness of members,
Year .I gave Public awareness Radio Programs talks on Radio
Mirchi about management of Ocular Mucormycosis in Covid Pandemic wherein made appeal on Radio to chemist to stop giving steroid eye drops without prescription.
Second talk on All India Radio about Eye donation.
Third talk on Glaucoma Awareness on occasion of World Glaucoma week on Red FM.
We made POS office in IMA Functional by appointing attendant and Providing Working Computer and Printing Facility
POS Amended Constitution was got Approved By Charity Commissioners Office in Record 10 months ,Started Referance Library Services for Members at POS Office ,Friends while doing all this We Added more than 15 lacs rupees to POS Account from profit of various meeting and Spectrum I made it a rule to have Sponsor pay for each and every Physical well as Virtual event,FDs of this amount were made and Handed over to next team for utilisation of Welfare of Society and Members, This is Probably for first time that such Huge Profit was made in such difficult time I had to put lot of effort and time with pharma and trade, I thank them for that
I thank Secretary Dr Rujuta Machave for Working hard throughout the Year,Especially during the Conference , Planning and Executing all the Activities with great efficiency, I thank Treasurer Dr Seema Khaire for not only keeping accounts updated throughout but also in budgeting all events that helped in improving POS Financial Health ,I Would like to thank Board Of Trustees ,Executive Trustee Dr Prakash Marathe ,Dr Santosh Bhide, Dr Shrikant Joshi, Dr Deodhar ,Dr Bhagali, DrTaswalla Dr ladi for Support,I Thank Seniors Dr S B Kelkar Sir ,Dr Jhawar Sir , Col Madan Deshpande and Dr Udayan Dixit Sir for their Advice throughout the year. I am thankfull to My Scientific Committee, Legal Committee, Website Committee Finance Committee,Conferance Committee chief Dr Sanjay Shah, I personally thank each and every Managing Committee member for their Hard work and involvement in Various Activities throughout the year Dr AshwiniMisal,Dr Pranjali Tharkude, Dr Nishita Beke,Dr Nikita,Dr Natasha, Dr Nikhil,Dr Sagar Dr Vrushali ,Dr Mohod,Editor Poster Dr Devika ,this could not have been possible without You all, I would take responsibility for any Shortcomings during the tenure and Give Credit for Success to my team.
I Congratulate New team of Dr Jai,Dr Piyush and Dr Nirupa and wish them best of luck
Jai Hind ,Jai Maharashtra and Long live POS,with Regards Dr Sanjay Tekawade President Poona Ophthalmological Society 2021-22.



Dr. Sanjay Tekawade