President’s address – Dr. Suvarna Joshi (2019-20)

Respected seniors and dear friends,

It is indeed a privilege for me to be the President of our prestigious Society. I accept this responsibility with mixed feelings—an honour to be able to serve and a sense of great of anticipation to fulfill the aims.

The POS has come a long way over the years in its strength and academic achievements—both at National and International forum. Our members are making us proud by their awards and accolades. This has encouraged us to further enhance our scientific pursuits, win laurels and raise the bar every year to make our Society a force to reckon with.

With my energetic team, I shall strive to make the coming year a healthy blend of academic and extra curricular activities. We are well on our way in planning the Annual Conference of the Poona Ophthalmological Society and will work hard to make it an enriching event with surgical and other scientific deliberations.

My motto for the coming year is Right to Sight. God has created a beautiful world and we should be thankful that we can appreciate the wonders in all its glory and colour. But, there are many unfortunate people who have been deprived of this blessing , either due to avoidable or unavoidable causes. We shall strive to help these people by at least treating the avoidable causes of blindness through our scientific knowledge, upgrading our skills and reaching out through public awareness programs.

I promise not to overdose you all with all study and no play! So, we will have many interesting activities  interspersed to ensure everyone enjoys and takes part in the events. I am sure you all will be equally supportive to our efforts because we cannot spell success without you!

All that I have planned and aspire to do in the coming year can only be successfully implemented with the blessings of my seniors and the unstinting support of all my colleagues.

I also want to thank my parents and the rest of my family for their encouragement and support.

It is a team work, and I am sure my entire MC team will work to the best of their ability with me to make this a memorable year.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the year ahead.
Thank you.

With regards,


Dr. Suvarna Joshi,

President POS 2019-2020