Dr. Aditya Kelkar – President’s address 2017-18

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am deeply conscious of the honour you have bestowed on me as the President of the poona ophthalmological society. As one of the young presidents, I pledge my commitment to serve the POS and ophthalmology during my year ahead.

My first most pleasant task is to thank Dr. Sanjay Shah for an outstanding year as President. Sir, you have been a splendid ambassador for the Society both at home and state. Nothing less could have been expected of you; in your previous posts held in the society. Sir, you can look back on your year with great pride and satisfaction of a job well done. Can I, on behalf of the POS, thank you and your wife Dr Mrs Shah for all your hard work and personally for your support to me during my period as vice president? It gives me great pleasure as my first official duty to invest you with this Past President’s badge and wish you every success for the future.

May I continue my thanks by starting with all my colleagues in NIO?  Special mention here is of Dr. Arvind Bhave and Dr. Suvarna Joshi  who have been major pillars in my career along with my father Dr. Shreekant Kelkar.

Finally, behind every successful man is his wife who is also my buddy and partner in my practice these last 15 or so years. Jai, I lovingly thank you for your support.

As is traditional in a presidential address I should reflect on the past, think about the present and then plan for the future. This year the POS coat of arms will read: Perfection is our motto, excellence will be tolerated!

This year’s highlight is the state conference MOSCON 2017, preparations for which are in full swing and enthusiasm of members in planning this event is commendable. We at the managing committee make it our aim that POS gets a good representation at the MOSCON. While MOSCON is a big event, I want to stress to you all that that is not the only event which will happen in my tenure. POS programmes will be held regularly wherein there will be healthy scientific exchange of knowledge and lots of credit points to gain!

We are living in times where there is general lack of apathy, patience and understanding in the society at large. Doctors are being made the targets, possibly due to the fact that we may be perceived as soft targets. I believe we ourselves should remain united and make provisions for our own safety. If the government provides us with the security or not, we should be self sufficient and just like we make provisions and take utmost care of our documentation and paper work , we must also take our safety in our own hands.

Friends and seniors, lets all come together and have a great time this year!

Dr. Aditya Kelkar