MC 2015-16 Achievements

POS Secretary Report 2015-16

1)¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Overcoming Obstacles ‚ÄďCurrent Practices in Ophthalmology¬†was organized by NIO under aegis of POS on 2nd¬†&3rd¬†May 2015.

A number of national and local faculty delivered very interesting lectures .

The programme was held at the O Hotel in Pune .

A Panel Discussion with Grand rounds in Glaucoma made the programme very innovative.

The highlight of which was Court Martial which was a very fresh concept ,very entertaining but informative at the same time, which was held for the first time in Pune.

POS Dr M .G.Bhide Award for the year 2015-16 was given to Dr ShriGanesh   & POS Dr.A.M.Gokhale Award was given to Dr Pradeep Sharma during the programme.

MMC had granted 4 Credit Points for the same.

2)      Oculoplasty for Everyone was organized at Deenenath Mangeshkar Hospital on 7th June 2015.

It was the Mid Term Oculoplasty Meeting of OPAI held under aegis of POS. About 45 faculty from all over India presented interesting cases.MMC had granted 2 Credit Points for the programme.

3)       Teachers Training In Ophthalmology was organized at Dr.D.Y.Patil Medical College Pimpri Pune on 4th July 2015 under aegis of ICO, AIOS & POS. 16 faculty gave lectures & MMC had granted 2 Credit Points for the same.

4)      Research Methodology Workshop was organized by Dr.D.Y.Patil Medical College Pimpri Pune on 5th July 2015 .

6  Faculty simplified topics in Research Methodology for the delegates.

It was held under aegis of MOS & POS. MMc had granted 2 credit points for the same.

5)      CME on Ocular Oncology-A Complete Overview was arranged by Sassoon General Hospital  on 23rd August 2015.

6)       Symposium on Cataract & Cornea-Deliberate,Debate & Decide was arranged at Aditya Birla Hospital on 13th September 2015.

7)      Retina Interest Group Meeting was held on 3rd October 2015 at Hotel Deccan Rendezvous with Guest lecture by Dr Dhanashree Ratra.

8)       Comprehensive Cataract Conference-8th Annual Conference of Poona Ophthalmological Society with 8th International Conference of ISMSICS along with MOS was organized on 4th,5th &6th December2015 at Hotel J.W.Marriott ,S.B.Road Pune. The conference was attended by over 750 delegates from  all over the world with 43 faculty from all over the world and MMC had granted 4credit points for the event.

9)       CME on Squint  was arranged by Shrimati Kashibai Navale Medical  college at Narhe on 20th December 2015.

10)   NIO arranged CME on Uveitis  on 10th January 2016 at Hotel Deccan Rendezvous along with 4th Clinical Meeting of POS (2015-16).MMC had granted 2 credit points for the same. Guest Faculty were Dr Jyotirmay Biswas and Dr Ajit Babu Majji.

11)   Department of Ophthalmology BVUMC conducted 3rd Inter Institutional PG Quiz on 27th February 2016 on Topic Cornea & Ocular Surface.8 teams from all institutes in Pune participated in the same.

Clinical Meetings 2015-16

1)      1st Clinical Meeting of POS 2015-16 was held on 7th June 2015 at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital .Dr.Mukti Shah (HVD) ,Dr.Shweta Marathe (DMH) and Dr Deepak Gupta (DMH) presented clinical cases which were judged by Dr Shrikant Joshi ,Dr.(Col) O.K.Radhakrishnan & Dr .Varsha Kulkarni.

2)      2nd Clinical Meeting of POS 2015-16 was held on 5th July 2015 at Dr.D.Y.Patil Medical College Pimpri Pune.

Dr.Gunja Chaudhary (DMH), Dr.Priyanka Pantola ( AFMC),Dr.Manasa K.V. (AFMC) and Dr.Shruti Shah (HVD) presented Interesting cases which were judged by Dr Madhav Bhat,

Gp.Capt (Dr) M.A.Khan and Dr Rupali Maheshgauri.

3)      3rd Clinical Meeting was arranged by Prabhudesai Eye Clinic along with Guest Lectures by Dr.Nishikant Borse & Dr Navneet Toshniwal.Judges were Dr (Col) OK Radhakrishnan,Dr Neelam Puthran & Dr Shubha Nagpal.3 clinical cases were presented.

4)      4th Clinical Meeting was held by NIO at Hotel Deccan Rendezvous .Interesting Cases were presented by Dr Neha,Dr Kaushal,Dr Shweta & DrPratik.

5)      Meeting of Retina Interest Group was arranged with academic grant from Allergan at Hotel Deccan Rendezvous on 3rd October 2015.

6)      5th Clinical Meeting was held along with 3rd Inter Institutional Quiz at Bharati Hospital on 27th February. 3cases from AFMC & HVD were presented which were judged by Dr (Col) P s Moulick,Dr Renu Magdum & Dr Meenakshi Bhagali.

Overseas CME was arranged at Hong Kong and Macau  during the tour from 13th May 2015 to 19th May 2015 .

Walk For Vision was arranged by POS  under aegis of MOS along with lectures on Common Eye Diseases by eminent faculty from POS .The walk started with Street Plays on Eye Conditions by Students of MES College of Optometry  at Shaniwarwada and ended at Perugate Bhave High School  on 6th September 2015.
POS Bhondla & Garba ‚ÄďDandiya Nite¬†was arranged on 18th¬†October 2015 at IMA Hall Tilak Road Pune.

Glaucoma Awareness Trek was held on 6th March 2016 at Law College Tekadi in Association with Glaucoma Society of India on occasion of World Glaucoma Week.It was attended by over 70 POS members .Lectures by Glaucoma Specialists on Glaucoma Awareness ,distribution of Information Material were done.The trek was co-ordinated by Dr Roopali Nerlikar.

Managing Committee Meetings– Till date 10 Managing Committee Meetings have been held.