MC 2013-2014


Dr. Santosh Bhide
Hon. President
Clinic: Bhide Clinic, 202, Om Chambers,
J. M. Road, Shivajinagar,
Pune – 411005.
Cell: 9822300504;
Clinic: 020-25533709,;

Dr. Mandar Paranjpe
Hon. Secretary

Clinic: Paranjpe Eye Clinic & Surgery Centre, 894, Venkatesh Apartments,
Off F. C. Road, Deccan Gymkhana,
Pune – 411004
Cell: 9823051931.
Clinic: 020-25674111;
Fax: 020-25674112.

Dr. Nitin G. Prabhudesai
Hon. Treasurer

Clinic: Plot No. 12, Saket Society, Opp. Siddharth Palace Hall, Kothrud,
Pune – 411038
Cell: 9822052063.
Clinic: 020-65005596, 65280050.

Hon. Vice President
Dr. Meenakshi Bhagali
Cell: 9822830098;
Clinic: 020-24219555

Hon. Joint Secretary
Dr. Rahul Deshpande
Cell: 9422314766;
Clinic: 020-65247627

Hon. Joint Treasurer
Dr. Sameer Datar
Cell: 9850852223;
Clinic: 020-25672894, 020-26334971.

Immediate Past President
Dr. Sandesh Doshi
Cell: 9822031839, Clinic: 25421985,

Immediate Past Secretary
Dr. Parikshit Gogate
Cell: 9822390654, Clinic: 66027227,

Managing Committee Members (8) :

Dr. O. K. Radhakrishnan,
Cell: 09860505535, Clinic – 26724041.

Dr. Nitant Shah
Cell: 9881060416, Clinic: 020-24213803

Dr. Radhika Paranjape,
Cell: 09881035078, Clinic – 24454336,

Dr. Sandhya Jamadagni
Cell: 9422078760, Clinic: NA

Dr. Kuldeep Dole
Cell: 9822499066; Clinic: 020-25458137.

Dr. Puja Goyal
Cell: 9822077166; Clinic: NA

Dr. ShraddhaSahi Satav
Cell: 9890087058; Clinic: 020-65220144

Dr. Roopali Maheshgauri
Cell: 9561084723; Clinic: 020-202733333.

Co-opted Members (3) :

Dr. Col. P S Moulick
Cell: 7798225626
Hosp: 020-26026035.

Dr. Ranjana Pande
Cell: 9325037379;
Hosp: NA

Dr. Sachin Kale
Cell: 9890627125; Clinic: 020-25449380/ 020-24454089,

Editor POSTER (1) :

Dr. Baban Dolas Cell: 9422027038; Clinic: 020-27282056.,

Scientific Committee (3) :

Dr. Udayan Dikshit
Cell: 9822057734;
Clinic: 020-25675580

Dr. Jeevan Ladi
Cell: 9766163623;
Clinic: 020-26341028

Dr. Aditya S. Kelkar
Cell: 9689893887;
Clinic: 020-25536369

Advisory Committee (4):

Dr. Col. Madan Deshpande
Cell: 9822044909; HV Desai Eye Hosp: 66825646.
Email: president@vision220india.og;

Dr. Prakash Marathe
Cell: 9823071292; Clinic: 020-25209120.

Dr. Subhash Bijlani
Cell: 9422015679; Clinic: 020-26358391

Dr. Rajesh Pawar
Cell: 9890114986; Clinic: 020-24333014, 24333012


The name personifies him. Santosh means “Satisfaction”. And satisfaction is THE thing that we all can look forward to during his tenure as President of the Poona Ophthalmological Society (2013-2014).

Dr. Santosh Shankar Bhide, born in Pune, did his schooling at the Garware School/Fergusson College.

After finishing his MBBS in 1986, from the B. J. Medical College, scoring a Distinction in Ophthalmology, he cleared his MS in Ophthalmology from the Poona University, securing 2nd rank.

He also cleared the DNB exams in his 1st attempt in1991.

Recently, he was awarded the Honorary “Fellow All India Collegium of Ophthalmology” ( FAICO) of AIOS, in Cataract & Phaco-emulsification.

He has his private clinic on J M road since the last 21 years, equipped with all modern and sophisticated instruments.

Earlier, he was a consultant at the Inlaks & Budhrani Hospitals and is currently a Consulting surgeon at Ruby Hall Clinic.

He has a philanthropic side too, having actively participated in various eye camps as organizer and ophthalmic surgeon and had visited Kenya in 2006 for the Eye Camp by Visa Oshwal Group.

He has attended many regional, national and international conferences and has presented papers, exhibits, videos and e-posters.

A comprehensive ophthalmologist, his main interest is in Phacoemulsification, Corneal Transplantation, Glaucoma and Medical Retina. Extremely reliable, he was the coordinator of the 1st Annual Conference of the Society.

He is a very warm and nurturing person who has a difficulty in saying “No”. He is a voracious reader and loves listening to classical Indian music and Jazz.

Dhanashree, his wife, is a Consultant Dermatologist and their daughter, Maithili, is a student of B. J. Medical College.

Knowing Santosh since the last many years, personally and professionally, I am sure he will set newer standards in the functioning of the Poona Ophthalmological Society and the interactions amongst its members.

Artcile written by Dr. Subhash Bijlani


Respected senior colleagues and friends,
At the outset, I would like to thank you for giving me opportunity to serve POS by selecting me as the President of this prestigious organization.

Friends, all of us know that POS is one of the oldest associations of eye care professionals in India. All of us have been fortunate to have had talented and hard working Presidents in the past.

Let me assure you that I will work to the best of my ability and sincerety for making POS one of the finest organizations of ophthalmologists in our country.

The theme for this year (2013-2014) is “UPDATE TO UPGRADE”.

In this era of evidence based medicine, it is our moral responsibility as eye care professionals to practise protocol based medicine.

Let us all update our knowledge to upgrade our practice.

Academic activities:

This year we have planned a variety of scientific programs.

1. Besides various symposia and CMEs to be held through the year, the Annual Conference in December is being organized along with Annual conference of Strabismological Society of India.

Theme of our annual conference is “Controversies, Challenges and Consensus in Ophthalmology”.

2. There will be an update on medico-legal aspects related to our day-to-day practice. This has become all the more necessary in view of increased litigations and threats of malpractice, and various legal and government requirements concerning our clinics and hospitals.

3. We have also planned an update on money matters, as we realize that we are good earners of money but are terrible managers of money and have poor knowledge of investment opportunities and options.

4. A symposium on contact lenses has also been planned.

We are fortunate to have the annual conference of the Vitreo-Retina society of India from 12th to 14th December in Lavasa.

Extracurricualr activities: All work and no play makes Jack (and Jill) a dull person.

1. We have planned a CME tour to Leh Ladakh in the month of June. This tour is from 1st June 2013 to 12th June 2013.Details are available on our web site.

2. We will also have different cultural activities such as Garba dance, Annual sports day, Cricket match, Orchestra and Drama .

3. We have planned two rallies for eye donation awareness and glaucoma awareness. Please participate in large numbers.

Friends, I Sincerely appeal to you for your active and whole hearted participation in all of our activities as without you it all amounts to nought.

All your suggestions are welcome! These will definitely help us

Once again I thank you all and pray to the Almighty to give me strength to complete this gigantic task.

With regards,
Dr. Santosh Bhide,
PRESIDENT, POS, 2013-2014