Programs 2021-22

Here are the important programs conducted during the POS team 2021-22.

  1. Academic Pursuits for Non institutional Practitioners Webinar by Pune Ophthalmological Society 24th April 2021. Click HERE for the YouTube Link. For Program details click HERE
  2. Covid and Eye Let’s Discuss Episode 1 0. Program Flyer Covid And Eye Let’s Discuss-02-05-2021. YouTube link: 
  3. POS WEBINAR 15th May 2021: For recording of this webinar click on the following link. 
  4.  Sunpharma Webinar 5/6/2021 Recording of 2nd Clinical meeting of POS on Mucormycosis and part 1 of Stumbling blocks series- Management of Paediatric Cataract Surgery Complications.