Programs 2021-22

MC Activities 2021-22 Click HERE to download PPT

Here are the important programs conducted during the POS team 2021-22.

  1. Academic Pursuits for Non institutional Practitioners Webinar by Pune Ophthalmological Society 24th April 2021. Click HERE for the YouTube Link. For Program details click HERE
  2. Covid and Eye Let’s Discuss Episode 1 0. Program Flyer Covid And Eye Let’s Discuss-02-05-2021. YouTube link: 
  3. POS WEBINAR 15th May 2021: For recording of this webinar click on the following link. 
  4.  Sunpharma Webinar 5/6/2021 Recording of 2nd Clinical meeting of POS on Mucormycosis and part 1 of Stumbling blocks series- Management of Paediatric Cataract Surgery Complications.
  5. 17th July 2021. Clinical Meeting2 & Oculoplasty and Facial Asthetics.
  6. 29th August 2021. Mysteries of Cornea Solved! Click HERE for the Recording of webinar.
  7. 5th Sept. 2021 Eye Donation Awareness Event
  8. Part 2 of the series “STUMBLING BLOCKS” -Decoding Squint  with Prof. Dr. Pradeep Sharma, as the guest speaker. Sunday 26th September 2021 at 10.00 am. Delegate link:
  9. Trek cum Trail walk on Sunday 10th October 2021 on the hills near Kasarsai dam.
  10. 14th Nov. 2021  POS Cricket match and Diabetic Blindness Prevention Program.
  11. 11th & 12th Dec 2021 Annual conference of POS Spectrum 2021. Click HERE for the report.
  12. 30th Jan 2022  “3rd Clinical Meeting of POS” conducted on Sunday,  at 10:30 am, on a virtual platform. YouTube link
  13. 6th March 2022 “4th Clinical Meeting of POS”  conducted on Sunday at 10.30 am on a virtual platform. YouTube link
  14. Glaucoma Walkathon 12/03/2022